❝     ‎ ‎There is something so meditative about the act of painting. ‎ ‎The simple gesture. ‎ ‎The physicality and repetition. ‎ ‎Mark making after mark making. ‎ ‎Soft blendings. ‎ ‎The viscosity and smell of the oil paint. ‎ ‎It triggers something in me. ‎ ‎Shutting out the noise of the day. ‎ ‎Painting is a necessary part of my life. ‎ ‎    ❞

Carry It Away Lost In The Waves Of Light Where You Come From My Lost Was Found Where We Were


I have been somewhat out of commission this last year. Focusing all my available energy on my health journey and my family. ‎ I am currently recovering from two craniotomies (within 6 months of each other) and a very heavy round of radiation.

I am so very grateful to be able to say that I am now back and feeling my creativity life force flow through me once again! ‎ My guiding and healing light.

I came through these life changing experiences, very much changed, to say the least. ‎ And I really am seeing the need to connect again.

I would love to have you over to my studio for a visit! ‎ I will have all of my available work on display for you to see in person. ‎ It will be so nice to connect again!

Much love and light,