There was a time when I thought I had figured out my way - my path seemed fairly clear. You see, I am a very decisive person. I know what I want, and I work to make it happen. Well, it's hard to admit it sometimes, but I may have taken a bit of a detour... So, I am diving back in to what brings me joy, makes me feel like me. Something that has been right in front of me this whole f'ing time.  What I am good at, come on! I guess it took a few big life events, throwing some pretty solid punches my way, to set me back on course again. I have realized that it's really not enough to be doing this when I can fit it in, I need to make it my life again, to be whole again. Be me.

I've set a few pretty big goals for myself...

~ One of which is, this new website! Woohoo!
~ I'm going to attempt to blog again, once a year just isn't enough! Starting NOW!
~ I've started working on several paintings for an upcoming solo show this coming spring, 2018!  So much more to come about that!
~ I will be launching a line of prints this fall on my website! I'm crazy excited about making something uniquely me to share with all!
~ And this may be the most challenging goal... I am planning to build my very own studio! As some of you may know, I am a mom to two beautifully intense girls who really are my everything. I want to be in their lives and have them be as much a part of my life and my work as possible. My dream is to build a studio in my backyard; a shared space where we can create together! I've drawn up the plans and pinned them up to stare at whenever I need a little boost. Now to make this dream a reality!

So ya, lots going on...  I guess I've laid most of it out here, so now you can watch as I work my f'ing ass off and make it all happen over the next year.  Cuz ya, I've given myself a year. No messing around here! And you are all holding me to it!  No pressure...

Send me your motivations and feel free to kick me in the ass once in a while!

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