She fell in love with a swan
Her eyes were filled with feathers
He filled her with song
In the reedy river

~ Donovan

Lately I have found inspiration in so many different aspects of my life. A studio visit with an artist friend, a good book, my garden, a conversation with my husband. I'm seeing beauty everywhere. I often turn to music and lyrics. Simple poetic truths, painting a picture in words and song. Listening to music apparently changes your brain chemistry, releasing dopamine. I can only strive to be able to achieve the same in my paintings... 

I recently completed a large swan painting that really got me (you may recall the progress image I posted of it in last week's journal entry - Now). The composition is simple and strong with so much movement, on an oval canvas. It came together so quickly. I always personify my paintings, we spend so much time together, how could we not develop a relationship? There are paintings that I really struggle with, having to turn them around and take a break every now and then. We have many battles along the way until we find a place where we are both happy. There are others that I get along with from the start, we speak the same language the whole way through. It really is great when this happens! Simple, beautiful, making me fall in love with painting all over again.

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