There are moments in every day when our minds take us to a quiet place where we can shut out all the distractions, the negativity, the worry, uncertainty, doubt and fear. Everyone has a different escape. Mine is to paint. There is something so meditative to me about the act of painting itself. The simple gesture. The physicality and repetition of it. Mark making after mark making, soft blendings. The viscosity and smells of the oils.  It triggers something in me, shutting out all the noise of the day.

Having recently found this in myself again, I now realize how important it is and how much more balanced it makes me. They say sleep is a time when all the things you've processed during the day are recalibrated; sorted and tucked nicely away into the folds of our minds. I think it's important to have this time during our waking hours as well. So that we are more conscious and aware during this process. And maybe, just maybe, some of those reworked thoughts will come to the surface in the form of new ideas. New discoveries out of a peaceful and quiet state.

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