It has taken me over a week to fully process all that went into and all that came out of me participating in 
The Artist Project this year.  The act of putting myself out there and constantly talking and explaining and listening to questions and well, just having to talk for four days straight is completely 100% out of my comfort zone.  I consider myself a quiet little art hermit.  I am happiest producing art.  So this was a bit of a challenge.  But I think it was a very necessary process for me to experience and realize that I really need to do more of it.  It is amazing to hear all the positive feedback that comes from that one on one connection.  I was completely floored by the overwhelming response to my work. The most encouraging feedback I received was that people were experiencing a sense of peace and calm meditation from my work, which really is so incredible.  This is how I feel when I paint.  Painting is my meditation.  I am so happy that this really is a tangible experience that actually can be passed on through my art.  Thank you to everyone who came out to see my latest work!  I feel so full now and have some fresh ideas for work to come!

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