Spring FINALLY has arrived.  It really did feel like winter on repeat this year.  Kind of like Groundhog Day, a never ending loop of 12,403 days.  I am so excited for the change that spring brings.  All this fresh newness in the air has made me want to step things up a bit.  I have been working really hard to build the perfect website loaded with visual treats and light filled inspirations.  I can finally say that it is pretty much complete.  I'm super proud of it and feeling a teeny bit geeky with my small coding accomplishments. What would have taken a skilled person a few days, has taken me three weeks.  So I am VERY pleased to be getting back to what I REALLY should be doing, painting.  I have an overflowing studio right now.  It makes me gasp every time I walk in.  It's pretty much 180 degrees of painting.  My air purifier is working overtime!  And I love it! 

So have a look at my site and let me know what you think!
I'll be in the studio now, painting.

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