Today we had what felt like our first day of summer. It was pretty magical. We had no plans, just coasting through the day, enjoying each other's company and the gorgeous weather! It's pretty remarkable what a little bit of sunshine can do for the soul. We lay in our backyard park playing Uno, flying our kite, reading comic books and watching the clouds float by. The day ended with a dance party of course, as all good days should. We needed a day like today. I'm feeling a bit more recharged and ready to tackle some major life decisions...
Well, more ready...

The days, the weeks, the years are going by way too fast. I know this is something that everyone says, but today, everything seemed to stand still for a brief moment as I attempted to teach my daughter how to do a cartwheel. I must remember days like today. I need to make more time for days like this. This is what it is all about. My girls, my family, my art. 

When I was younger I would go about my day with a sketch book or a camera and would be constantly inspired by the smallest of things. Well, as you know, life gets busy and those things become nonessentials, they melt away into the routine and necessity of the day. I feel as though I am now just slowly returning to that place. I am seeing so much beauty around me again and feeling the need, more and more to try to put what I see into paint. A day like today, definitely helps this!

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