"If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint."
~ Edward Hopper

My work is very different then Hopper's, but I can certainly relate to the feeling that words are sometimes, and in my case, very often not enough.
I have created a video about what it is I do as an artist, where I come from and what motivates me.  It also provides a glimpse into how I see beauty, memory and light.

I really do struggle being in front of the camera myself, having always hidden behind my own tools - my camera and my brushes.  So this is a pretty big leap for me.  To lay it all out there and attempt to express my ideas in words, well that just doesn't come naturally for me.  Although, I think this video comes pretty close!  Thanks to the talented people who helped to make my vision a reality.

The idea of leaving a trace, a tiny piece of myself here, is something I have been contemplating throughout this process.  I have always been happiest behind the scenes, creating, making things happen, but going unnoticed.  However, recently I have become less content in that position, wanting to find and share my voice more.  Having children and confronting the realities and everyday challenges of my own mortality has left me in a space where I feel the need to stretch out and rediscover who I am as an artist and what I am saying with my art.  This is just the beginning of my journey, and I am so happy to share it with you!

I hope you enjoy!

Video  ~  Rebecca Wood
Music  ~  Joshua Wood

{ full video link here }

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